Behavior Consultation and Coaching
(ages 3 and up)

Raising a child is one of the most important, rewarding, and difficult endeavors we will embark upon in our lifetimes. As parents, we love, provide, guide, teach, listen, console, laugh, and lose sleep!

We must also provide boundaries and rules as they are fundamental to a child’s development. Most parents agree on this point, but may differ in the way they choose to implement these expectations.

In my discussions with parents, I often hear…

  • “I have tried everything – we talk, create charts, provide incentives, give time outs and nothing works to change our child’s behavior!”
  • “Our child does not listen and I have to ask numerous times before he (or she) acknowledges me – let alone do what I have asked.”
  • “I know I have to help my child learn boundaries, but it is difficult and frustrating. I get more emotional than I want to.”
  • “I’m exhausted and not sure what to do!”

There are many ways to establish and implement boundaries, rules, and expectations. The behavior modification approach I use is efficient and effective and one that focuses on:

  • Improving child self-regulation and responsibility
  • Providing a structured approach for consistency
  • Establishing appropriate order and authority within the parent-child relationship
  • Guiding parents in specific behavioral situations that are difficult to manage
  • Decreasing negative emotional engagement

Please contact me to discuss setting up a behavioral consultation and coaching session!